Luminescent is an electronic music project by Miika Luolajan-Mikkola. Dreams about becoming a techno guru in 1992. Composing electronic music since 1997, live PA's between 2002 - 2010.
Known for melodic, progressive and uplifting trance with strong influences from goa. Current flows are going in the direction of deep melodic techno-trance.
Experiments with all stuff classical, groovy, funky, electro, ambient, fusion, triphop, d'nb, laundry machine techno - whatever the feel one day. 
Musical background is in the studies of classical piano, which I've played since I reached the keys. Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin and Bach are close to my heart. Playing the electric guitar since 1993 opened channels to metal music and deep meditative ambiences. Singing is important for the soul, and the use of our imagination, I think there is a sweet spot to entwine classical piano, atmospheric guitar and deep trance motions together.

A lot of music